Pod gondolo –

The trail is intended for mountain bikers, as you will overcome almost 13 km of trails and 716 meters of ascent.

The start of the trail is on the plateau at the lower Gondola station, in front of the SB Shop under the Gondola. Here, at an altitude of 334m, you start a very interesting cycling adventure with an ascent to Bellevue on Mariborsko Pohorje.

You begin your ride on the plateau below the Gondola, past the La Cantina restaurant to a small bridge towards the central car park under the resort, where you can park your steel horses in the paved car park. Then continue straight into the forest along the paved gravel path in the direction of Begova ulica towards the settlement of Hrastje into the beautiful Rožna dolina velley past the small military training camp and under numerous vineyards. At the finish of Begova ulica, at the T crossroad, turn left in the direction of Pohorje. The path begins to climb thru a settlement for about 3km on the paved road. In the area of Markovo settlement, you continue just a little further, about a kilometer along the asphalt road, then turn left into the forest on gravel. The locals call this forest road "Kordek". You can't miss this crossroads, because many signposts will direct you to "our" Kordek and the gravel path continues further uphill in the direction of Bellevue.

8 km of moderate ascent along a paved gravel road and 600 meters of altitude climb awaits you. The trail takes you past the famous hiking and cycling rest area Šanijeva Klop, to the Videc and Stolp ski slopes on Mariborsko Pohorje. At this time, you only have this main road, which will wind you along the foothills further in the direction of the summit. First you will see a mighty slope, which, in winter is marked black and is called Videc. After a few more turns and conquered elevation you will cross the route of the chairlift Stolp and just below the top you will reach the ski slope Stolp. On this road, just before the top and the end of your cycling route, you will arrive at the famous church of St. Bolfenk.

Follow the last few meters of the ascent and you will arrive at a large parking lot in front of the upper Gondola station at an altitude of 1042m. This is how you conquer the top of the most interesting tourist viewpoint of Mariborsko Pohorje, where you will be rewarded with beautiful views of Maribor and its surroundings. It is also your end point of this route, or the beginning of the continuation of various possibilities and directions on Mariborsko Pohorje. Here you can expect countless different options for all tastes in the varied offer of restaurants, huts and hotels.

Difficulty level
Length 12,06 km
Incline 7 %
Lowest point 334 m
Highest point 1050 m
Elevation difference 716 m
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