Norco Kids bike Fluid 2 FS 2023

Bike type: Children

Rent from 50 €/day (or 40 €/4 hours)

Date of rent:

Norco Fluid FS 2.2 is a high responsive bike with alloy frame and 20 and 24" wheels. It offers an efficient and extremely fast ride with 2,25" tires. A modern geometry provides fast ride on the trail and a very technical up and downhill ride. Ideal kids bike to rent for bike park Maribor.


6061 Alloy Frame, 120mm Travel, Tapered Head Tube, ISCG05 Mount


Manitou Machete J-Unit Comp 24", 145mm Travel

rear shock

X-Fusion 02 Pro R, 170x35mm


Box Four Wide (rear) / Box Four Multi (shifters) / 8-speed


Tektro HD-J285, Hydraulic Disc, 160mm/160mm

The Fluid FS 2 is an aggressivetrail bike designed to tackle demanding trails. The quality and build reflect everything Norco puts into full-size bikes, so you know the new Fluid FS Youth is up for every trail they are, and its quality parts will keep it out of the shop.

With Fluid FS you will give your child the same trail capability of the adult Norco Fluid series. Only it was designed for smaller riders. The full suspension youth mountain bike has a lower standover height, longer reach, youth tuned suspension components and a dropper that is optimized for smaller riders. With the Manitou J-Unitfork and wide rims gives your child a very comfortable ride. The hydraulic discs brakes provide safe, reliable and more ride control even during the heavier experience. The trail-tuned A.R.T. suspension will help them take their riding to the next level.

The Fluid 2 FS features progressive handling, low standover, youth-tuned suspension and a dropper that is optimized.

Norco Fluid 20 and 24 gives your child a fun and exciting ride experience.

Norco Fluid 20 For kids from 7 to 10 years (to 40kg).
Fluid 24" For kids from 9 to 12 years (to 40kg).


  • 2 - days or weekend rent ...... 20% discount
  • 3-7 days rent ....30% discount
  • 8 - or more days rent .... 35% discount


1. The return of the item must be made no later than 12:00 am, after the day for which the rent was paid, otherwise an additional day of rent is charged.
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4. For a rent, the client must pay with a credit card.
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6. Cancellation of the rented equipment and refund of the advance payment is possible no later than 72 hours before the booked date of the rent.
7. The use of the rented item is at your own risk!
8. An additional two days are charged for each day of delay of the return of the item.
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11. In the case of damage or loss of the bicycle / equipment rented, the user is liable for damages up to a maximum of 80% of the retail price of the rented item. The User explicitly agrees that his personal account is charged through a credit card up to the amount of the cost of damage, estimated by the borrower.
12. A deposit is returned to the customer when an undamaged item is returned.
13. Reserved item can be picked up in PROBIKE Rent center, Pohorska ulica 60, 2000 Maribor (Bike park Maribor).

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